Introduction to the Duty of Care


Here is a section from my book-in-progress (which may never be completed, but I continue to toil away). Please read it keeping the following in mind:

- It should be thought of as a conversation. Sure, it's a conversation with you as a very patient and quiet partidipant, but this is me speaking, not writing. This is me reflecting on the concept. You don't have to agree with me (indeed, it's more interesting if you don't). The text contains observations I thought might be of value to you. If not - no hard feelings.

- Please keep in mind that this is an introduction and intended to highlight themes I want to explore. It's 9 pages out of a manuscript that currently sits at 998 pages. Yeah. So I know there are many people and points of view I should be covering here, and especially people like Carol Gilligan and bell hooks. They appear elsewhere. I haven't left them out. 


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