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Vincens Vives Interview

I was recently interviewed for the Vincens Vives blog (in Spanish). Below is the full-length set of answers I sent, in English, to the questions I was posed. In recent times, technology has undergone a transformation. How has this influenced learning? This is a broad question. We could talk about it in terms of the transition to digital technology, but this is a transition that has been underway for half a century, so it’s hard to call it ‘recent’, even if new digital technologies continue to take traditional institutions by surprise. I prefer to focus on the last ten years. Smartphones exist. Things like websites, blogs and search services are well-established. These are the years after the introduction of ‘web 2.0’, which means that things like social media (including Facebook and Twitter) are not ‘recent’. Nor are things like online banking and digital commerce, including things like or eBay. So, on this picture, what counts as ‘recent’ really boils down to thre

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