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Running Mojolicious in a Docker Container

Mojolicious is a real-time Perl-based web framework that can be used for writing modern web applications. Today in an episode of Stephen Follows Instructions I took it out for a spin. It mostly worked well out of the box, but there were a few quirks that needed some thinking. I think the main issue with the way it is presented on the website is that the writer assumes you want to install it from scratch. It says "all you need is a one-liner" and then "We recommend the use of a Perlbrew environment." This led me astray last time, and I spent an entire day getting Perlbrew to work.  Maybe it's a good idea. But I think it's a much better idea these days to start with a Docker image. In my case, I ended up cloning a Mojolicious GitHub repository that set up the Docker image for me, and ran it from there. This mostly worked, but there were some quirks, and a lot of the explanatory text was meaningless (you can watch me struggle with it in my video

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