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Wittgenstein and Connectivism

NB This is only a very preliminary sketch of what should really be a longer treatment.

I was asked:
1) Today I found a great idea in your work that I've been thinking about a lot recently. You said at page 555 (Connectivism and connective knowledge):

"Language games - I could do a whole one-hour talk on this. Understanding games as the languages people use to communicate back and forth with each other. Understanding MOOCs in terms of those same languages"

And I cannot but relate that to Wittgenstein's (and I know you like him a lot). Do you have any text where you treat specifically about this relationship (learning and language games)?

What exactly is this relationship? Do you mean we learn as players? Or we learn better as players? Or something else?

And 2) I tried to explain your positions to a friend, and he said: "well, he's a damn behaviorist". And although I said "no" to him, I couldn't explain very well why. Because I don't believe y…

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