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Responses to Pew on the Future and Ethics in AI

If you expect change, what do you think the “new normal” will be for the average person in 2025? What will have changed most? What will not change much at all?

Despite the economic turmoil that resulted from the pandemic, the net result will be an increased recognition of the role of governance and civil society. This will be seen in an increased level of support for social and economic support, including for example the need for public health care and the need for income support. It will also be seen in greater support for social and civic responsibility, including new controls on policing and greater access to services for minorities and underserved populations. And it will be seen in a wider recognition of social responsibility, for example a return to more progressive taxation, including especially corporate taxation, as a response to income inequality.

What hopes do you have for tech-related changes that might make life better in the coming years?

The most significant change coul…

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