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12 Deeper Tips for Great Public Speaking

Steve Wheeler posted a nice article called 12 Tips for Great Speaking today.He's had a lot of experience on the public speaking circuit and there's no doubt his tips hit the mark. I've also had some experience on the circuit, so I thought it would be useful to add to his remarks. So, here are his tips (in italic, abridged) with my additions.

1) Start out with a humorous story or funny remark. 

This is a classic tip that applies not only to public speaking but also to long-form magazine writing. I tend to avoid trying to open for a job, because humour doesn't travel well, but I do add a paragraph or two to set the stage before I summarize the talk as a whole or introduce my main point.

Why? I apply Mike Bullard's three steps to a great joke to public speaking. The three steps are: find something you have in common with the audience, bring them around to your point of view, make them laugh at themselves. In my cause, instead of making them laugh, I try to make them l…

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