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The Fabrication that is OER

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OER stands for 'Open Educational Resources' and as readers know I have been a long-time proponent of free and open learning resources. So why would I call them a fabrication in the title of this post?

It's a response to OER @ 16, "Where are You?" by Gordon Freedman, a column published as a LinkedIn post. The fabrication is that OER is 16 years old. Freedman makes the case, though, with the narrative that has been popularly accepted in the field:
"The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation started OER down the path of making knowledge free and ubiquitous globally. From the Foundation's kick start in 2002 OER has not let up" "Also, in 2002, MIT boldly launched its Open Courseware (OCW) initiative, turning loose its entire faculty's instructional content to the world.""The other critical lynchpin for OER, also in 2002, was the issuance of the first Creative Commons (CC) open licenses."  &q…

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