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Being Online: Facing the Digital Future Together

This is an unedited auto-generated transcript of my talk for LINC home learning professional development, November 28, 2020. All right so for the purpose of a recording and I've just turned on my audio here oops and I should turn on my start recording over here, all right so this is Stephen Downes November 28th 2020 and it's my great pleasure to be with all of you here today the title of this presentation is being online facing the digital future together and, I got a bunch of stuff. I want to talk about but you know, the the context that word in is the context of the pandemic text is backwards, oh sorry, okay, let me fix that oh there's always something isn't there. Switchable cam. How's that that should be better? So yeah. So that's pretty funny so let's for the people who had to look at that backwards here's the title screen again all beautiful and that's my cat. Charlemagne, they're on the screen. Anyhow, so we're in the context of this

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