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Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 4


Each week of the course will feature some events. These are mostly live video conferences with guests. I also want to be able to show slides and to include the activity feed. I've been creating these using xSplit and then broadcasting the entire screen, but it's a bit unreliable. It's how I have been creating my presentations on my main website, and I'm not happy with it. Plus, using the backchannel with the rest actually crashed my web server recently, so I need to fix that if I want to use it for the course.

Also, I want to avoid the problem of it being difficult to find the right page. I just want the event to show up in an activities page at the right time, so people don't have to do anything but go there. Then I'll handle all the logistics behind the scenes.

So, basically, I want an activities page. I want to keep it really simple; I also want it to be (reasonably) responsive, so people can attend events on their mobile phones. Here's the ba…

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