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Why I Attribute

Alan Levine gave me the old h/t (hat tip) for referencing a post recently on AI and copyright law. In a follow-up he recognized my own version of the h/t, the 'via' link, where I credit Clint Lalonde for the find. It makes for a nice neat chain: Of course the article had an original source; it came from Canadian Press and was found on CP24 , a Toronto news broadcasting station. And it had, after Levine, an eventual reader, who I will describe as 'You'. So in reality, we have an even longer chain: Now because we all attributed our sources, you (that is, the 'you' referenced in the diagram) can trace the story back to the origin. Of course, you could just look up the URL of the link - but if that became obscured in so way, you could still create that chain. We could say a lot about that chain. For one thing, the existence of the chain suggests the possibility of some sort of blockchain that would make it possible to find the source even without an explicit attri

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