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Introduction to the Duty of Care

  Here is a section from my book-in-progress (which may never be completed, but I continue to toil away). Please read it keeping the following in mind: - It should be thought of as a conversation. Sure, it's a conversation with you as a very patient and quiet partidipant, but this is me speaking , not writing. This is me reflecting on the concept. You don't have to agree with me (indeed, it's more interesting if you don't). The text contains observations I thought might be of value to you. If not - no hard feelings. - Please keep in mind that this is an introduction and intended to highlight themes I want to explore. It's 9 pages out of a manuscript that currently sits at 998 pages. Yeah. So I know there are many people and points of view I should be covering here, and especially people like Carol Gilligan and bell hooks. They appear elsewhere. I haven't left them out.  

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