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Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 1

One of the fun things about working with software I wrote myself is that I get to try new things. For example, instead of creating a course simply by filling in boxes in predefined forms, I can think about the structure and format ahead of time and design it exactly how I want.

It would help if gRSShopper were a finished application. But it isn't, so from time to time I have to stop and code the right bits. This is a process that will probably never end. But it's far enough along now I can have some fun doing it.

The Overall Course Structure

I've decided to be really conservative here and set up the course as a ten-week (or so) course covering a series of topics. I've also decided that I want it to be able to export the course if I need to, so it needs to be reasonably consistent with other courses.

Ah, but what to call the pieces. I did a bit of searching around and determined that the overall structure is pretty common:

- course
      - modules - an array of individua…

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