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Change in Education and What Needs to be Done

Published as Change in Education and What Needs to be Done , 15 pages, 2020, Maysan Center for Future Studies. In recent months we as a global community have experienced a hard lesson about the nature of change. While it is common to plan for the normal ebb and flow of life, the world always has the capacity to spring sudden upheaval on society. Sometimes such change is for the better, very often it is not, and always it allows us an opportunity to look closely and what we value and what we desire in our institutions and practices. Such has been the case for our institutions of learning. Historically, learning has been a social activity, one in which we take part in person. It is based on telling stories to each other, modeling and demonstrating practices, asking and answering questions. The outcome of an education is not a body of knowledge or a skill or competency, but a person, one who has become not merely informed, but engaged and moved to action. As we navigate ou

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