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What Does it Mean to Enrol in a Course?

I guess the answer seems pretty obvious: you provide your personal contact information, maybe pay some money, maybe show you've satisfied a prerequisite, such as admission to an institution, and provided there's room in the course, you're registered.  Behind the scenes a bunch of things will happen: you'll be assigned a 'seat' in the class, an account will be created in the Student Information System and in the Learning Management System, your information may be sent to the bookstore, you may be issued library credentials, and you might even gain Student Union and Recreation Centre privileges. In some cases, you will be issued an institutional email address and given access credentials to things like EduRoam. You get the idea. It's a bit different in every case, but it's generally something like this. But for me, course registration looks nothing like this. Let me explain. In my world (which admittedly is a very small world of dubious reality) you don&

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