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Some Notes on Intelligence

  Responding to Benjamin Riley, Modeling Minds (Human and Artificial): What are we talking about when we talk about intelligence? See also the discussion here . In the paper on Modelling Minds Riley writes, " improving one’s knowledge within a specific domain generally does not significantly improve one’s reasoning abilities." To the extent that this is true (and it is probably not true) it is true only in strictly limited circumstances. I would treat with a lot of scepticism the De Bruyckere, Kirschner and Hulshof paper purporting to make the case. In the strictly limited case, the principal amounts to this: if you only learn A, you only learn A, and learning A will not help you learn B, even if both A and B involve some higher level skill, C. So (for example) if you only learn physics, which also involves learning mathematics, it will not help you learn engineering, which also involves learning mathematics. It's hard to believe not learning mathematics whi

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