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Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 9

The RSS Feed

The course isn't truly distributed until it has an RSS feed. We'll use the course newsletter as our RSS feed, except we'll publish the output in rss2 format instead of HTML.

So, exactly as before, we'll build the RSS page in the page Editor.

Some things to note:

- I've made the heading pretty generic (I may actually make it a template in the future) by using page variables (such as [*page_crdate*] and site variables ( like st_url ).

- Dates in RSS need to be RFC 822, so I use date format=rfc822

- I've included keywords for both posts and media, so I can include the videos as links in the RSS feed. As with the JSON feed for Feeds in the previous post, I decided to use a 'datatype' element to make this clear (which is a major reason to make RSS this way, and not with standard Perl RSS modules - because you simply can't extra custom elements on the fly with the Perl module).

- In the keyword command for media (first one in the list) notice…

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