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The Canadian Government and Cryptocurrency

This is the result of a quick survey I did today on the Canadian governments' stance on cryptocurrency, responding to an internal request. This is a policy-neutal document; that is, I don't advocate one way or another for any of the items described below.

Overall, over the last few years, Canada's stance could be described as cautious engagement. There are two major thrusts. First, various branches of government - including the Bank of Canada, National Research Council, and Treasury Board - are conducting reserach, holding workshops, and initiating pilot projects to seehow blockchain can be employed to support governance. Second, the government has passed and begin to enforce regulations to address the problems of fraud and digital currency crime.

Below you can find an outline of this work and links to primary and secondary references. For those wanting more on blockchain in general, I've been compiling a detailed resource base on associated technologies.

Canada Revenue…

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