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How It Could Work

I'm just going to offer a short post today as I develop some aspects of gRSShopper. In particular, I now have the gRSShopper MOOC environment up and running in a Docker environment - all the instructions are here if you want a copy for yourself, plus there's a video showing how to do it. But that's not what this post is about. Last week I read an email on a discussion list highlighting the new Matrix Algebra with Computational Applications e-book offered by Michigan State University. It's a lovely book, and what stood out about it was the way it used PressBooks for distribution as an open e-book, and how it embedded Jupyter Notebook in with the text. I spent some time looking at the source, as I do, and I would have sworn I saw an Atom feed in there somewhere (I haven't been able to find it again, but I'm sure I saw it). Anyhow, it tweaked in me the thought that a book could be thought of as a feed, because, after all, a feed is just a list of (related) artic

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