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Questions and Answers on AI Regulation

Suchith Anand poses some interesting questions on the OPENED SIG mailing list, and though I am not the British government agency to which the questions are addressed, I have thoughts... What are the main human rights issues in the digital age?  They are to my mind the same human rights issues as existed before the digital age, and which are addressed quite well (still) in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights . These include especially the idea that "all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights," and everything else that follows from this. As a human society we have not done so well in establishing these rights. Most countries fail to recognize one or more of them, some countries recognize almost none of them, and even established democracies with a history of recognizing most rights have been backsliding in recent years.  We could try to establish an additional cyberspace charter of rights, as I did back in 1999 , but all of these rights - access, co

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