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Perplexity on Connectivism

This is a response from Perplexity, an AI engine that promises accuracy and cites real sources in its answer. The question was: "What is Connectivism". It's worth noting that while the response is reasonably accurate, the sources listed are not necessarily what we would call authoritative. Connectivism Theoretical framework for understanding learning in a digital age   Definition - Connectivism is a theoretical framework that emphasizes how internet technologies contribute to new avenues of learning, viewing knowledge as a network and learning as a process of pattern recognition.   Key Emphasis - Learning does not simply happen within an individual, but within and across networks. It focuses on connecting specialized information sets, and the connections that enable learning are more important than the current state of knowing.   Integration - Connectivism integrates principles related to chaos, network, complexity, and self-organization theories.   Technology's Effe

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