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Approaching E-Learning 3.0

Who is this course for?

If you're reading this, then this course is for you. You've demonstrated the main criterion: some degree of interest in the subject matter of the course.

You might be thinking: this course looks too difficult, too technical, or too high level. This will be true for everyone, even me. But the course is structured so you can focus on what's interesting and accessible for you, and you can ignore the rest.

Read on... you'll see what I mean.

What's the Course About?

The course is titled 'E-Learning 3.0' and could be subtitled 'Distributed Learning Technology'. This is a course about the next generation of learning technology. It's a broad and challenging domain that I've broken down into the following topics:

I'm designing the course so that each week is one of these self-contained topics. This topic can then be approached from different directions, at different levels. The content is a starting point. I will provide …

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