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New Issues for OERs

This is based on my contribution to the new Creative Commons 'Education Platform' discussion of issues related to open educational resources (OERs). This is the next step following the development of a set of principles for the Platform.

(I’m not sure of the origin of the set of suggestions above (in the original document, and here discussed below), but I am adding an extra set below based on issues created by next-generation technology ( - because it seems to be the above issues are looking at the old problems (where OER is a kind of publishing) - Stephen)
Models and practices for the development and distribution of data-driven resources - issues here include open data, data API standards, OERs from technology such as Jupyter Notebooks - how do OERs, data and software interoperate?  OERs and cloud technology (eg. is a resource in AWS or Google Cloud ‘open’, especially if it depends on cloud functionality), cloud-based open education systems (eg CodePen) - is the …

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