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Future Learning Environments

This is an unedited AI transcript of a conversation I had with a group of people at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan. Please note that the AI does not distinguish between speakers; in all, sever different speakers spoke. To hear the audio please see Sure. Before I present you our part of our task force, can I kindling ask permission to record this meeting if it's possible? Maybe not. Yeah. Yes, it's definitely possible and I would also like to record it on my end as well because I like recording my meetings and putting them online. If that's okay with you. Okay, I hope so. If not and tell me it's okay. It's okay. Okay, so please I'll milk me introduce because I've already shared information about you to our group and I would like to present you Dr. Jason Sparks and adoptable then so Jason Sparks is our advising the greatest clue for vacation and he is the lead of this small task force and he

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