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I was asked:

I'm a second-year student at Sciences Po Paris on the Nancy French-German campus. As part of a research project on the link between science and society, I'm working with a small group of other students on the concept of MOOCs. Therefore, I have been reading a lot about how they work and the different objectives behind their use.
I was wondering if it would be possible for you to explain, even in a short way by mail, what was the original idea that led you and Mr. Siemens to starting the project. Do you feel that this sentence: "In his work as a professor, Stephen Downes used to feel that he was helping those who least needed it. His students at places like the University of Alberta already had a leg up in life and could afford the tuition.", published in an article on the Chronicle of Higher Education on the 29 August 2010, reflects your original idea?   Do you think MOOCs can really change the future of higher education? Could they just be inst…

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