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Does God Exist?

Prompted by a sketch on CBC radio, I was curious this morning to see how Google would answer the question, "Does God exist?" To my mild surprise, the first page of results consisted of statements that God does, in fact, exist.

I don't know whether or not God exists. But I have no good reason to believe that God exists. No evidence to suggest existence. No reason not to disbelieve. And that's why I was surprised to see a page of Google results all arguing in favour of existence.

Now let me be clear. If you wish to believe in God that's your right, and I respect that decision. Belief in God is not a simple matter, and involves much more than simple arguments and evidence. I respect that. And rest assured that whatever my own beliefs, I take your faith seriously, and I celebrate that fact about you.

The list of articles on Google's front page, however, are a different matter. They are addressed to people who don't know the answer to the question of whether …

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