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Remarks on Interactivity

I wrote this in response to an inquiry. I am bringing the constructs and principles of Information Systems (IS) with those of Connectivism since the previous studies rarely consider the learning theories’ principals, especially the learning theory for the digital age. In conducting my study, I have confronted a construct in the IS, collaboration quality, which it seems a bit baffling because I cannot completely tell this factor apart from interactivity that is a principle of connectivism. I'm not sure I understand your question exactly, but let me try a few comments to see if I can provide some useful advice. To begin with, 'interactivity' is based on interaction, that is, the sending and receiving of messages from one entity to another. Where Information Theory (IT) and Connectivism (C) agree is that we can talk about the quality of interaction. This is what your questionnaire addresses when it talks about easy and comfortable or effective and efficient sharin

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