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Considerations on the Framework for Ethical Learning Technology

As readers may know, I've been looking a lot recently at ethics related to online learning. In particular, I've studied a number of ethical codes and frameworks, publishing a paper summarizing my work. Assuming we need to draft such documents at all, my preference is for something more informal, rather than a set of principles and rules; I've offered one such here , which forms a part of my contribution to a community of practice in my workplace. So that brings me to the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) Framework for Ethical Learning Technology (FELT), discussed in this white paper . Similarly, ALT opts "to articulate a framework for ethical professional practice in Learning Technology, not a set of rigid rules that apply to particular tools, technologies or contexts." Its focus is "the broad range of communication, information and related technologies that are used to support learning, teaching and assessment." The document is divided into fou

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