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What's Wrong To Me

I have a political blog, Leftish , where you're get an idea of my sense of right and wrong on a range of political issues. But I want to take a few moments here to talk about what I feel is wrong at the most deep and fundamental level.  This is important to me because I have a feeling that my sense of morality is very different from that which prevails generally. Perhaps it's because I went for so many years without a television. Perhaps it's because I would read newspapers cover to cover and explored topics in depth in my own experience as a journalist. Perhaps it's because of my personal struggles as a child and young adult. It's likely a combination of all those things and more. Anyhow, these are the things that are wrong. Death I think life is the greatest gift in the world and death is its cruelest irony. To me, death is the end of everything. Any person's death, from the youngest infant to the oldest centenarian, is a tragedy. My feelings extend to animals

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