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My Sunday Seven

If you take a look at this George Couros post, you'll learn that the "Sunday Seven" is by the Burgess Consulting community, of which “IMPress Books” is a part of as a subsidiary company. I have nothing to do with either - but you can get my Sunday Seven without waiting for Sunday, buying a book or signing up for a publisher's promotional mailing list.

1. An App that makes me smile

I've been a longtime aficionado of lolcats and fail videos and other such memes, so I'll actually agree with Couros here and list  TikTok here (I never did like Vine, by contrast). I might also include Imgur as well. Before TikTok I also enjoyed Coub (you can follow all of these on various YouTube channels as well).

2. An app that I could not live without

At Bat, the Major League Baseball app. As apps go, it's not a very good app, either the desktop or mobile version, but what it does do is allow me to watch every Major League Baseball game (or listen to the radio broadcast if I…

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