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Critical Thinking for Educators

"Pick any article from the newspaper," I would say to my students. "Bring it in and we'll analyze it." This was one of my favourite - and my most effective - activities in my critical thinking classes. I never knew what the students would bring in. With each article we would have to begin afresh. I was not merely teaching critical thinking, I was modeling it with them.

As the classes progressed the students would contribute more. Over time we would develop and grow our toolbox of analytical methods, evaluative devices, and argumentation strategies. It didn't matter what the subject was, what the newspaper was - we would get to the heart of what was being said and make it our own.

Educators, of course, are told a lot about critical thinking. Sometimes, if they are lucky, they take a critical thinking course in university and learn first-hand about the practice. Or they may be given a demonstration at an educational conference. Sometimes they are informed ab…

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