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Best and Worst of 2035

Image: Pew   By 2035 two trends will be evident, which we can characterize as the best and worst of digital life. Neither, though, is unadulterated. The best will contain elements of a toxic underside, and the worst will have its beneficial upside. The best: everything we need will be available online. The worst: everything about us will be known; nothing about us will be secret. By 2035, these will only be trends , that is, we won’t have reached the ultimate state, and there will be a great deal of discussion and debate about both sides. The Best As we began to see during the pandemic, the digital economy is much more robust than people expect. Within a few months, services emerged to support office work, deliver food and groceries, take classes and sit for exams, perform medical interventions, provide advice and counselling, shop for clothing and hardware, and more, all online, all supported by a generally robust and reliable delivery infrastructure. Looking past the cur

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