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Where Do Blog Post Ideas Come From?

Someone asked me by email, do you have any advice on how to come up with blog post ideas? I recently launched an informational website, so far I have around 40 articles and I'm already finding it difficult to come up with ideas that aren't just a regurgitation of something else I already discussed in another article.
Almost all of what I do is in response to something I see, read or hear. So I read and gather information widely. I subscribe to a number of email newslettersI subscribe to hundreds of RSS channelsI follow Twitter, Mastodon and LinkedIn (not Facebook, because media is manipulated on Facebook)I listen to podcasts while cycling or commuting
How do I choose what to follow? I have identified four major areas of interest in my work: media and journalismphilosophy computer technologyeducation (learning, inference and discovery)
I once wrote an article saying, basically, that if you're not sure what you're interested in, look around your home - what books do you re…

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