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Supporting Everyday Learning

This is an unedited transcript of my workshop. There we go, so now I'm recording. That would have been interesting so welcome to the session called supporting everyday learning you probably saw the the advertisement for it so you have some idea of what to expect but overall what I'll be talking about today is as the title suggests supporting everyday learning.  Oops that's just size add a little bit better there that looks nice um, so the slides and the outliner available at this website here in addition to the conference recordings that are made available to you the slides audio video etc will be available after as well now. I'll start recording on my end.  I just like to make a backup of everything so this is supporting everyday learning. CNI April 2019, so welcome.  It's it's hard to do this. During the keynote yesterday. We were told that this was the first virtual conference that's he and IE has ever had it's not completely true back in yes th

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