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Institutional Support for Personal Learning

Unedited Automated Transcript, December 14, 2020. There are also links to the full presentation audio and video on the presentation page . All right, um, so hello everyone. This is Stephen Downes again, this is personal learning taking ownership of learning online parts seven now to get the best benefit you want to see what I'm sharing here fullscreen rather than and what they call gallery view or what some of us call Hollywood squares view. So. If you look to the upper right of your screen, click on view and then click on speaker view. And that'll give you the best view. And you can see what I'm doing here, right? I'm. Doing a. A different kind of output where I'm able to show my image, which is me hello and my slides all together on the same screen. And in case you're curious and you might be curious. I'm using a product called open broadcast systems to do that sorry about the infinite disappearing window, but open broadcast systems allows me to do that an

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