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How to Learn Using Technology

Learning with technology is different from learning with textbooks or learning with classroom instruction. In these, the focus is on understanding and remembering. It is content based. The learning objective is defined as mastery of this body of knowledge.

Learning with technology, by contrast, is outcome based. It is defined in terms of skills or competencies, as how to achieve a certain outcome using technology as a tool. There’s a distinctive way to learn using technology. Here are the steps.

Identify what you are trying to do. What problem are you trying to solve? What project are you trying to complete? This could be anything from fixing a flat tire to building a web site. It may be a very large project, or it might be one narrow objective. It may be self-defined, or it may be part of your education or work.

Define what success looks like. Professionals talk of ‘key performance indicators’ (KPIs) as evidence of a successful outcome. Can you inflate the tire to 600 kPa? Did ten peop…

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