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Top Tools for Learning 2022

It's that time of the year again when educators and developers send their list of top tools to Jane Hart . You can see my full list of web-based tools and services on my website. Here's my top ten list. Firefox - I know, most people won't even list their browser, or maybe they use Chrome or Edge, but Firefox is pretty key to me. In particular, I use a number of extensions that offer me a pleasant and ad-free internet browsing experience, specifically, UBlock Origin, Video Download Helper, View Image, Web Developer, 1Password, and more. I also appreciate that it disables tracking cookies and does not report my web development activities back to corporate headquarters. Feedly - While people continue to talk about RSS as though it's old fashioned or even dead, for me it's like a secret weapon that keeps me current and up-to-date. And while there are any number of RSS applications (including ones I've built) in general Feedly has been worth the pro subscription I

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