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How to Help Students Succeed by Taking Ownership of Their Learning Online Through Personal Learning

This is an unedited transcript created by the Google Sound Recording on the Pixel 4 (the main reason I bought this phone in fact) of the webinar I gave July 30, 2020.. Thank you very much Sarah and I'm still waiting for that invitation to speak in Antarctica. Any time you're ready? I'm on a plane. Hi everyone. Welcome to our contact North online learning seminar. How to help students succeed by taking ownership of their learning online through personal learning? This might be one of the longest titles I've ever given one of my talks.
So I try to gather content from. Wide arrange of sources as possible. I organize that I read it first to try to understand it. I organize it try to find patterns and regularities in what I read and then I use that I apply that in the different projects that I do making podcast doing online courses etc and then a document that and there's a feedback looping there this feedback loop is absolutely essential to me, you know, …

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