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Designing E-Learning 3.0 in gRSShopper - 5

We launched the course this week and I did a bunch of things to get ready. This summarizes them in no particular order (except that they were all done in the last few days in a frantic rush).


Videos are an important part of any MOOC and these MOOCs are no exception. In the first week or so I created four videos, including two live recordings of conference talks, a live webcast interview, and an opener.

Normally, I like to use xSplit to produce and publish videos, but the new release has not been playing well with my laptop. So for three of them I recorded directly into youtube (and used xSplit to make a backup recording on a different computer).

A note on the computers - in the expectation of doing somthing like this I spared no expense on the computers. This is the single most important tool I'm using.

Through my employer (NRC) I ordered a Dell XPS 15inch quad-core i7 with 32gig RAM and a solid state 1 terabyte drive. They didn't want to be seen ordering a 'gaming m…

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