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There's No One Thing Called Ethics

I wrote this in OLDaily today: There's a lesson here anyone interested in the ethics of AI or education or whatever should heed. "There are no simple solutions, because there will never be unanimous agreement on highly contested issues. Making matters more complicated, people are often ambivalent and inconsistent about how they react to a particular piece of content." There's no one thing called 'ethics' . "For example, human annotators rarely reached agreement when they were asked to label tweets that contained words from a lexicon of hate speech. Only 5% of the tweets were acknowledged by a majority as hate speech, while only 1.3% received unanimous verdicts." This is a topic I've touched on over the years, from my Censorship My Way article in the Blue Ribbon campaign in 1996 to my work on ethics and analytics from last year (which I still do hope to finish one day). My argument is essentially that, first, I'm an ethical person,

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