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Responding to Donald Clark's excellent article, Let's move on from 'Unintelligible Intelligences' - IQ, Multiple Intelligences, Emotional Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence... 
"Let’s take this idea further. Koch (2014) claimed that ALL networks are, to some degree ‘intelligent’...." Not just Koch. This is, of course, the core idea in Connectivism. Though as you quite rightly point out, this is based on earlier work as well.

That said, the most significant criticism of this view arises out of this formulation. "If we consider the idea of competences residing in other forms of chemistry and substrates..." This is the idea of intelligence (or 'mind') as disposition, which is exactly the formulation used by Gilbert Ryle, and hence, behaviourism.

The core issue here - explored by people like Searle - is where to find what we might call 'understading' in such an account (and compare with Chalmers's 'hard problem' of where we …

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