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Professors and Bias

A Reader wrote: I have seen the shift in politics over the last two years and find myself fundamentally disagreeing with many of my professor's views more often than not.  Education is headed down a slippery path of indoctrination.  It should be the school's job to teach its students  how to think, not what to think.   Thank you for writing. The role of a professor is partially to teach you how to think, agreed. However, there's more than that. In every discipline there is an established body of knowledge, and it is their role to expose you to that. As well, each discipline has its own culture (or, more frequently, competing cultures) defining terms and jargon, defining what counts as evidence, and defining what counts as core questions to be explored. In my experience I have often found myself at odds with disciplinary cultures, however, an understanding of that culture is necessary to be considered competent in the discipline. Finally, professors will have

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