The People's Manifesto

Our society exists to provide the means and opportunity for each of us to fulfill our maximum potential and reach our highest aspirations, whatever we perceive them to be, while respecting the right and opportunity of others to do the same.

The land and the resources we have inherited from our forbearers belong to all of us equally, organized and protected in order to serve the purpose of society, and imposing on us a responsibility to protect and preserve them, so that we may pass them down to our descendants.

Our systems of laws and governance are created to enable and protect our individual and collective rights and opportunities, while at the same time ensuring we respect the responsibilities we have to each other and to future generations.

We are freely joined and assembled as one. We desire a peaceful society and a compassionate society, one which lives in harmony and cooperation with others, which welcomes our neighbours with open arms, and grants ourselves and others the right of free movement and settlement within and outside our borders.

To this end:

- no person should live in want, and it is the primary duty of government and society to see to the safety and security of each of its members, including full and proper provision for food, shelter, clothing, health care, education, transportation, communication, and the other necessities of life;

- to that end, and in recognition that all wealth is to a degree created by society as a whole, it is the responsibility of people of means to contribute to the support of society, progressive to the size of their wealth; and it is the duty of society to ensure that this responsibility is not shirked, and to ensure a rough equity in the distribution of wealth;

- beyond that, it is the right of people to live in quiet enjoyment of their lives, according to their own beliefs and values, without interference or control beyond what is needed for the reasonable conduct of society, such that each person may access the full rights and benefits of society, including civil society, without discrimination, fear or prejudice;

- and finally, as individuals and as society, we agree to work toward the preservation and betterment of the world, respecting and valuing the environment as a whole that we hold as stewards in trust on behalf of each other and of future generations.

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