Mother Canada and Mother Russia

The current government plans to deface some pristine Cape Breton wilderness with a 'Mother Canada' monument. Here's the proposal. Here's some coverage of opposition. A photo below:


What I find a bit puzzling is why Canada's conservative government - the same government that wants to erect a 'victims of communism' memorial in Ottawa - would want to emulate a series of Soviet-era monuments.

Here's the 1960s era 'Mother Armenia' statue in Yerevan:

Here's Mother Georgia, in Tblisi:

Mother Russia, in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad):

Mother Motherland, in Kiev.


Hero City, Minsk:

Mother Latvia:

Freedom Monument (Mother Pest?) Budapest.

And this one I photographed in Riga, Latvia:

Don't get me wrong; I love every one of these statues. But they speak to a view of the world we more commonly associate with an all-embracing state. It seems an odd choice of design for the Harper Conservatives.

The one thing the 'Mother Canada' proposal does not have in common with the other statues: the other statues are designed to be seen. This statue is designed to be installed in one of the most remote wilderness regions of Canada. It's an odd choice.

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