Bell / BellAliant: Get your act together

Long story short: I tried to access CTV online. It wouldn't accept my login and sent me to a password recovery page. But this page rejected by email address because it ended in .ca instead of .com

So I contacted their 'Help' which was on the page. I ended up in some kind of morass because Bell has a special reduced-service version for the Maritimes called Bell-Aliant. I costs as much as service in the rest of Canada, but we don't get things like access to CTV online.

Bell, CTV and Bell-Aliant are all the same company. 

Bell and BellAliant: Get your act together. 

Actual chat transcript:

A chat representative will be with you in about 0 minute(s). Thank you for waiting.

Benjamin has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please provide your name and home phone number.
Benjamin: Hello! Welcome to Bell Internet Services. How may I help you today?

You: Hiya, I'm trying to watch CTV online because FibreOP has lost TV signal... it wants me to login to Bell, I don't know my userID so I'm trying to recover my password....
You: Long story short, it is rejecting my email address, as an invalid address because it doesn't end in .com

Benjamin: I understand that you're unable to login to your My bell account.
Benjamin: I will check that in your account and help you with that.
Benjamin: May I have your account number and your complete address to validate your account?

You: ok
You: *******
You: *******

Benjamin: Thank you for your information.
Benjamin: We have reset your My bell account password and send you an email to your email address of along with your My bell account user name.
Benjamin: Please check your email
Benjamin: Upon receiving the email, click on "Change my password" link.
Benjamin: It will redirect you to a page where you can change your password.

You: ok
You: (still waiting for it)

Benjamin: Could you please refresh your email and check.
Benjamin: Also, please check your junk email folder.
Benjamin: Click on change my password from the email, once you received it.
Benjamin: It will redirect you to a page where you can change your password.
Benjamin: The password that you set now, should be in the format like for example canada123

You: I've changed my password

Benjamin: Perfect!
Benjamin: Are you able to login to your account?

You: No
You: O've tried a couple times now

Benjamin: The password that you set now, should be in the format like for example canada123
Benjamin: Have you clicked on change my password?
Benjamin: That is from that email that you have got.

You: Yes I did, I clicked on 'change my password', I entered a new password, I received a confirmation message in my email that my password was changed

Benjamin: Okay. May I login to your account from our end and change your password?

You: When I sumit my userid/password on the CTV-Bell login screen, it simply reloads the login screen (if I enter a different password it gives me a password error but if I enter my new password it simply reloads the login screen without giving me a 'assword error' message)

You: Sure... goodluck - do you need my information

Benjamin: No you have to enter your My Bell account user name and password.
Benjamin: No, not needed.
Benjamin: That is you have to enter your My bell account user name and password in the website of

You: When I say 'userid' I mean 'my My Bell account user name' (I just don't brand everything)

Benjamin: And not in the ctv.

You: On the CTV screen a Bell login pops up

Benjamin: Okay. Do you have Bell Tv service with you?

You: Yes, as I said, I'm on FibreOP - but it is not currently finctioning ('TV signal has been lost')

Benjamin: May I know, are you trying to login to your ctv from your mobile device?

You: Nope. Desktop computer
You: Windows 7
You: Firefox version 28
You: (I wish I could give you screen shots)

Benjamin: You have reached Bell Internet DSL service. Please give me a moment. Let me transfer this chat session to Bell Tv department.
Benjamin: Please stay online while I transfer this chat to our online support queue, would request your patience if the chat remains in the queue for a few minutes in case the support reps are busy helping other customers. We thank you for your patience.
Please wait. We are transferring you to the specialist best suited to help you.

Kristine N has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please provide your name and home phone number.

You: That's funny, because I arrived here by clicking on the 'help' I got via the popup

Kristine N: Hi, welcome to Bell TV Chat Support. How may I help you with your TV service?

You: Hiya Kristine, are you able to read the previous chat?

Kristine N: Yes, I am trying to review your previous chat conversation.

You: OK, I'll wait a sec

Kristine N: I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

You: No problem

Kristine N: I understand that you are trying to access the CTV online.

You: Yes - I think I was sent here because I mentioned my Fibre Op TV signal has been lost - which is true, but given that my TV signal is lost, I was trying to access CTV online

Kristine N: May I know if you are with Bell Aliant with your TV service?

You: Yes

Kristine N: Thank you.
Kristine N: Bell Aliant is a partner company of Bell however it is still being considered a different provider and thus is using a different system which is not supported by the Main Bell. Bell Aliant however is not included on the provider's list that can access the CTV online.
Kristine N: I can provide you a link for you to be redirected to the Bell Aliant web page so you will be able to contact them and verify to them if they do have any similar app or TV online access where you can watch the CTV.

You: Kristine - first, your own agent was able to use the account name & address I provided to login to my account, ergo I am NOT in the wrong place; secondly, the 'forgot your password' link I clicked on sent me to this chat, so again, I am not in the wrong place

Kristine N: I agree that you have a My Bell profile however it includes only your Mobility service and not TV service since Bell Aliant TV cannot be link to My Bell profile.

You: If it includes only my mobility service, then why does the bill I have that I quoted the account number from list charges for my TV service?
You: (p.s. I tried logging in again on the CTV page and it now sends me to '404 Not Found')

Kristine N: Your TV account number is ***** based on your chat conversation, is that correct?
You: Yes
Kristine N: I have tried to pull up your TV account using that number but I cannot pull up any TV account. That happens because we do not have an access to Bell Aliant Fibre Op TV since it is being considered as a different provider.
Kristine N: Only your Bell Mobility services is accessible on your My Bell profile. And can be further discuss using this chat service. However, if you would like to discuss your TV service, you will need to click on the link I have provided so you will contact the agents that handle the Bell TV aliant services.

You: I did click on the link you provided but there's no way to contact them through the link (except by phone) and it reports 'no outages to report' when I clearly have one
You: But I understand what you're saying now...
You: You're saying that even though you have complete access to my account and all its information, and can even login to it, I'm not really a customer, and my 'provider' 9which is actually your company) is not considered a 'provider' so I cannot access CTV online (even though I can always get it for free on my TV service when my TV service is working)

Kristine N: You will need to click on Product Information followed by TV.
Kristine N:
General: 1 888 214-7896
FibreOP: 1 866 342-7367
Home Security: 1 855 777-4117
Weekdays: 8am - 9pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 5pm

You: I did do that
You: I clicked on product information followed by TV followed by contact us

Kristine N: You may either send them an email, call them on the phone or write a regular mail.

You: Right. This 'separate company' also has no online support

Kristine N: I'm sorry if the Bell Aliant service does not have a chat support however since we do not handle Bell Aliant, we are unable to help you with regard to that.

You: We pay as much for our Fibre as anyone else in the country but we get special 'Maritime' reduced services
You: The many many many Bell commercials we see here in the Maritimes amount to false advertising because they're offering a service which is different from the one we actually get.

Kristine N: I'm sorry if you feel that way, I suggest that you call the Bell Aliant during business hours to get the info that you need and to discuss your services further.

You: I'm just blogging the chat transcript and telling Bell & Bell Aliant to get their act together - I'm in this chat because my wasn't even recognized as a valid email address & I ended up in some kind of morass because your company has a special reduced-service version for the matitomes. Thank you for your help.

p.s. I still have no TV this morning. 


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