Measuring MOOC Media

Here's the information I sent Steve Kolowich for his Chronicle article on the (possible?) decline of MOOC mentions in the media:

My data measures news articles from selected (and reasonably representative) sources (including Google News) and counts instances of the term ‘MOOC’ in title or descriptions. It is essentially the number of items published each day in the newsletter (filtered to remove duplicate listings).

Based on this data, I would say that MOOC coverage has not flagged significantly in the last few weeks or months.

I’ve revised the algorithm a bit to make it more accurate, and also the list of feeds.

New chart:

List of Feeds: (The bulk of results come from the Google news feed)
Can be found here:

@Ignatia Webs (mobile;eLearning;mobile learning;education;mLearning;mooc;conferences;research;social media;presentation;informal learning;book)
Abject (edubloggers)
AddGab (category)
bavatuesdays (edubloggers)
Brainstorm in Progress (buddhism;Rory;Zemanta;Plurk;China;Homer;visuallearning;community;Social justice;csubioeacademy;analytics;Interaction;Brigham Yo)
Center4Edupunx (edubloggers)
Computing Education Blog (edubloggers)
Connectivism | (edubloggers)
Coordination RĂ©gionale de la FC Universitaire (category)
coursera - Google News (edubloggers)
Dave's Educational Blog (edubloggers)
daybydaylinux (category)
D’Arcy Norman dot net (edubloggers)
Digital Humanities Now (edubloggers)
e-Literate (edubloggers)
elearnspace (edubloggers)
Hack Education (edubloggers)
Hybrid Pedagogy (edubloggers)
Inside Higher Ed | News (edubloggers)
Leading From the Inside Out (category)
mooc - Google News (edubloggers)
My old blog (In Spanish) (category)
My site (category)
Notes on MOOC Lectures (category)
Official WizIQ Teach Blog (edubloggers)
Open Culture (category)
open thinking (edubloggers)
osvaldo rodriguez (#lak12;research.;education;research;elearning.;distance education;#oped12;#change11;connectivism)
Pontydysgu - Bridge to Learning (edubloggers)
Recent content (edubloggers)
Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily (edubloggers)
Teaching and Learning Institute (edubloggers)
The corridor of uncertainty (student recruitment;tools;multitasking;books;collaboration;free;digital divide;MOOC;privacy;art;peer learning;mobility;safety;l)
the theoryblog (edubloggers)
Tony Bates (edubloggers)
Unizor (category)
Unizor - Creative Mind through Art of Mathematics (category)
unmaestrocreativo (category)

Filtered as follows:
SELECT link_crdate,link_title,link_link FROM link WHERE (link_title LIKE '%MOOC%' OR link_description LIKE '%MOOC%'

Update - April 15, 2004 - From Twitter

Google's record of search volumes would suggest a growing public interest in MOOCs


  1. If we look at this from the other side, we can see that public interest - as measured by searches for MOOCs - has not fallen.

    (Thanks for adding my tweet to your post. I've also written a short blog post expanding on this, which I've linked to in this comment.)


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