A Theme Park E-Learning Application

Here's the challenge (from the E-Learning Professionals Group): "Can anyone give me suggestions of how to blend learning objectives with ELearning. My goal is to have the user not know they are taking a course." Here's the context: " Based on his other questions, Brian is looking to develop training for visitors to theme parks that will teach them about the park. As such, the learning objectives would be fairly low level knowledge about the park."

In the 'Learning for Theme Park Visitors' case (as in so many others) there are two sets of learning objectives:
- the objectives the learners will have - find washrooms, skip line-ups, avoid the spoiled chicken, keep track of kids, etc
- the objectives the theme park will have - get people to buy food, get them to go to less popular rides, promote upsales, keep them out of lineups and having fun, etc
(Obviously these learning objectives would need to be validated by interviews or surveys)

These objectives, in addition to theme park logistics, inform the design of the e-learning application. Probably you're looking at a mobile application (because visitors are mobile) that contains:
- a general overview and guide, for pre-visit
- easy location-based lookup and search ('find washrooms')
- ride and attraction booking in a few minutes in advance ("have a hot dog instead of standing in line")
- in-app purchasing (avoid fumbling around with money)
- individualized push messaging ('the wave attraction is now open, have a look") (these need to be individualized, otherwise every person in the park heads to the wave attraction, creating crowds and lineups, which is the opposite of the desired impact)
- group interaction and family tracking, including approval/reject of in-app purchasing by children

Nobody will know it's an e-learning application. But it is in fact a very powerful and dynamic e-learning application that serves real (verified) learning objectives.


  1. I don’t know much about theme parks but I kinda relate because of the theme park games and I think those objectives are really important and E-learning should help develop it.


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