LCT Poll

I have a quick Twitter poll - I'm considering offering a MOOC in logic and critical thinking starting in September... informal yet rigorous

First question - would you be interested in this, looking at about 12-13 weeks

Second question - I cannot offer certification (badge only) - would schools accredit work done in the course if they did their own marking?

Third question - would you pay to have assignments marked & commented by me? How much? (Hypothetical only, I'm already employed (for now))..

Please answer in the comments. (Please indicate which question you are answering - a plain 'NO' isn't very useful (if forceful)). Thanks.


  1. Q1: Yes
    Q2: NA
    Q3: Yes, I would consider paying a fee to have my work reviewed and feedback given. I suggest the fee schedule is one that is based on continuing ed or PD offerings of like caliber.

  2. Q1: Yes
    Q2: n/a (current non-academic staff member of a Canadian university)
    Q3: I would consider paying for feedback.

  3. Q1: Yes
    Q2: NA
    Q3: Yes, I would pay


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