gRSShopper Graph API

Just setting up the gRSShopper graph system


    unixdate: cutoff is the unix date; the API will deliver results only greater than the cutoff value. Default is 0 (though I may change that :) )
    key: your API key. You have to get one from me.

Output is in OPML format.

Each graph edge is as follows:

<outline text="1308944421" title="Graph link 389">
   <outline htmlurl="" text="link 2655" title="link" type="link">
   <outline htmlurl="" text="link " title="link" type="link">

The lines:

   <outline text="1308944421" title="Graph link 389">
       title: Graph [edge_type] [edge_id]
           right now the only type is 'link' but that may change over time
       text = date the edge was created, un unix date

   <outline htmlurl="" text="link 2655" title="link" type="link">
       Each node connected by the edge is indicated with a single ouline line
       text = [table][id] 
           table = gRSShopper internal table; values include link,post,media,feed,author, etc. this list is extensible
           id = gRSShopper ID number for that entity
       title = [link]
           link = gRSShopper internal table of the entity
       htmlURL =[url]
            url = the URL of the entity

     Note that while all entities will have a URL value, some entities may not have a table or ID, if they are not actually stored in the gRSShopper database

That's it. Let me know what you think.

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