Easy RSS

RSS is ridiculously easy to create. It should be available to everyone, without the need for a specialized blogging application.

Here's a Perl script that will create an RSS feed from a tab separated document.


Here's a file to test it on:


title link  description
Stephen's Web     http://www.downes.ca    Stephen's Web home page & stuff "
Half an Hour      http://halfanhour.blogspot.ca The place I write stuff
Let's Make Some Art Dammit    http://letsmakesomeartdammit.blogspot.com The place I store my artistic stuff


Here's a demo link to see the script working:



-- Stephen

Note that this is plain Perl, without any modules (you could actually write it in a tenth of the space using Perl modules) because I want the script to just work, without worrying about how your Perl is set up.


  1. Hi, Stephen - quick note - your example script points to halfanhour on blogspot.ca instead of blogspot.com. Details, eh? Cheers, /RJ

  2. Brilliant and perfectly timed.
    Having just figured a neat way to make word-clouds from student (or audience) text input during a lecture by munging surveymonkey with wordle I decided to teach myself how to make an RSS feed that wordle can read.

    Now I am inspired to try to automate a manual process I tested yesterday and blogged about here: http://bit.ly/fNBXB0

    fang - mike seyfang


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