Moncton 2010 IAAF World Jr Championships - Day 5

Moncton 2010 IAAF World Jr Championships - Day 5 Photos Here


  1. Stephen,

    These have been amazing photos - the color is fantastic. Thanks for sharing them. You going to let your readers know what camera and any photog secrets you are using?



  2. The camera is a Nikon D60 and the lens for 98 percent of the shots is a Tameron AF 70-300 mm. Almost all the shots have been from my seat in the stadium, using a lightweight tripod with the legs strapped together to create a single pole.

    About half the time I've been using the camera's 'sport' mode, but when conditions become less than ideal I've been selecting the setting manually - maximum aperture, fastest shutter speed, and 1600 iso (this camera is very good at high iso). Autofocus is turned off about half the time - I prefocus on the spot and turn it off for the action to speed up the camera's response time.

    I haven't been retouching the photos in photoshop - there simply hasn't been time - so these are the colours that are coming out of the camera.

    That's it. No real secrets. But the practice really helps - I've seen my technique improve over the five days of the event.


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