2009 Conference Schedule

This is to update you as to what to expect through 2009 for conferences. I have a limit of one conference per month, so this is basically it for 2009.

May 11-18 Braga, Portugal - leaving in a few moments Challenges 2009 keynote

June 20-30 Honolulu, Hawaii - Ed Media keynote

July 11-18 Minneapolis, Minnesota - D2L Fusion - panel

August 9 - 16 Vancouver, BC - Open Ed
I am doing a special full-day session with David Wiley - a dialogue on OER
that we will convert into a book on the subject

September 1 - 7 Linz, Austria -Ars Electronica symposium 2009

October 18-25 Barcelona, Spain - UOC UNESCO chair in e-Learning VI International Seminar

November 10 - 14 - Toronto, Ontario - Educational Computing Organization of Ontario

** Expenses for participation in these events are paid for by the conference organizers except Open Ed in Vancouver.


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