What Ignatieff Needs to Do: Talk To Canadians

Responding to James Morton:

If you want to convince us, then you'll have to show us evidence of him being thoughtful and intelligent.

I haven't seen that; 'smarmy' is the word I'd use to describe him so far. He has to drop the politician act and begin talking seriously with Canadians about the problems we face.

He will have to trust that we can understand him.

Let's see some video of him - where's his YouTube presence? The top videos of him are comedy sketches - and Conservatives! Let's see him do some real communicating. Let's see *how* he thinks, not how he plays politics.

Right now he's up against a much tougher opponent in Harper than he cares to admit (he should have taken him out when he had the chance). And Harper is getting to people - don't believe the polls, particularly, Harper is building strength on strength that will not be reflected until these strengths are tested.

Unless Ignatieff actually *talks* to Canadians, he will lose. And he must talk directly to Canadians, bypassing a media that has, by and large, turned its back on the Liberals and the left in Canada.


  1. "show us evidence of him being thoughtful and intelligent."

    Like the last forty years of his life perhaps?

    I think townhalls involve real communicating, in fact it's probably the most organic medium going at the moment. What do you want? Harper's hiding, Ignatieff is out there, taking questions, doing raw scrums, that's the name of the game.

    Harper is getting to people alright, they're turning on him, so I don't where you getting this sense of momentum. I'd argue, and there's much evidence to support, that Harper is less popular, has the least amount of respect, than at any time since 2006. If you don't believe me, just look at his body language, he oozes less stature.

    And, you can't bypass the media yet, unless you're armed with mountains of cash. I'm quite pleased with the free coverage, everything Ignatieff does is covered, which is good because it's our only real, broad avenue.

  2. Steve is Iggy's personal cheerleader. It's starting to look so pathetic.

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  4. "Nobody" speaks. Good one Jen.


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