Results of OLDaily Reader Survey

I have a total of 199 results from the survey. You can view the results here (the tables simply won't display in Blogger - some weird default or script, I know not what).

I received many text comments as well, the vast majority of which said things to the effect: don't change anything.


  1. After I finished the quiz I wished I'd left a comment. I missed the opportunity to be anonymous about this, but I will still let you know what I think, even though I will be outing myself publicly. :-)

    To me it was a weird quiz. The main problem I had was I have no idea by what criteria I'm supposed to decide what content "should" go into your newsletter. And that's the problem - it's your newsletter... why should I have a say in what you put in it? It's not a service like a newspaper: I either like it and subscribe to it or I don't like it and don't. I really don't understand your motivation for this line of questioning. This is why I selected "Same" for most questions, and I'm left wondering if this is why others selected "Same" also. In fact, when you add up "Same", "No answer" and "Not completed" you get well over 50% in every question, which suggests to me most people were as bamboozled as me.

    To be honest - and I mean no offense - it just seemed a pointless waste of time, and I guess that's why I'm feeling a bit frustrated with it.

    Did you glean anything useful from it? It seems to me the only useful data came from Question 1 on your readership makeup. Oh, and maybe Question 4 gives you an idea of what technical limitations people have on receiving content, but then again it would be hard to tease a preference for a format or media type from a technical limitation in viewing it.


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