The Conservative Platform

This pretty much says it for me
The Conservatives minor tax cuts will accomplish little or nothing. Tax cuts are only beneficial in an economy where incomes are stable or rising and companies are turning profits. If companies are losing money and Canadian workers are losing jobs cutting their taxes will have no impact on them whatsoever. All of the other parties are promising green jobs, infrastructure rebuilding (which is long past due and will create jobs) and other programs that will stimulate the economy and make it more attractive to international investment and trade. Stephen Harper's agenda does none of this.


  1. Me too. Missed the advance polls but I'm getting out on Tuesday.

  2. It is estimnated that the 2% GST tax cut is keeping $12 billions a year in the pockets of the canadian consumers. This means that $12 billions are reinjected into local stores and businesses every years. I do not believe that the role of the government is artificially create jobs by subsidizing bogus projects. Of course they should maintain existing infrastructures and help building new ones when there is a need for it, but that kind of investment only creates temporary jobs for the duration of a project, they do not have permanent effects.

    Here in Quebec, the goverment is involved in almost everything ($7 daycare, drug insurance, lowest tuition fees, car insurance, etc.) and as a result we are the most taxed province, we have the highest incidence of low income, and the average income is well below the canadian average. This is an example that goverment interventions are inefficient and do not create wealth at all. In fact, all left wing policies are aimed at sharing wealth by opposition to creating it. How can we share wealth if we do not create some?

    Al this to say that i'd rather pay less taxes and decide what to do with my money than give more to the government and letting politicians decide what they will do with it.


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