The Big Bailout

So, I guess, now, the whole idea of a deregulated financial market is pretty much discredited. Right?


  1. Hehe, I figured you'd show up to be saying this very soon like all the other lefties on Twitter, the blogosphere, etc. Schadenfreude much? Can't resist, eh?

    So now that you're pointing out the hypocrisy of Americans telling Asians not to have the state intervene in their financial markets, are you ready to subscribe to the idea that this is good advice now, and there should be unregulated capitalism?

    Even funnier than watching all the socialists now laugh in malicious glee at capitalism that told people to have capitalism fail is the spectacle of them appearing to now be for capitalism lol. It would be fun if they got to live with their consequences of their being right full-time and big-time, in a country run on their theories -- oh, but that's been tried.

    Even George Soros, or perhaps especially George Soros, has been talking about the problem of lack of oversight and regulation. That's not socialism, but law.

  2. It's just ironic to see the US Government indulge in large scale nationalization, despite all attempts to call it by other names......


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