Hole in the Wall

Just testing, because Gary couldn't make it work in Blogger...

Copy the 'Embed this video' code from the TED page. In Blogger, switch to 'Edit HTML', paste in the TED code, then insert </embed> immediately before </object> at the end of the code. Pretty sloppy code from TED; I have to assume it's deliberate.


  1. Hello Stephen.

    Thank you so much, I've had that problem ... I put a tip on my blog: http://ikt-diginalet.blogspot.com/2008/08/problemer-med-ted-talks-i-blogger.html

    When I was writing the code: embed and object I got into trouble (and I might again now ... I did :). They were not accepted when I had the arrows and the slash. I could have taken a picture I guess, but I wonder: Is there any other way I can write codes in tutorials like yours, so that they will be accepted by the editor?

  2. Yes, what you do is you 'escape' your angle brackets. If you want < you type &lt; and if you want > you type &gt; and if you want & you type &amp;


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