What would you like to do better as a Learning Professional?

From The Big Question on Learning Circuits: "What would you like to do better as a Learning Professional?"

  1. I would like to be a better cyclist. Last year my record was 113 kilometers in a single day, which is pretty good, but I would like to extend my range, and especially my hill-climbing ability.

  2. I would like to learn how to use the router. It would add a whole new dimension - literally - to my woodwork and allow me to do things like mortises and tenons (also add to that work on the table saw).

  3. I would like to learn to speak Spanish, at least at a basic level. I actually diod sign up for SpanishPod, but after a week it said my free trial expired and then it disappeared. I have some Spanish verb and grammar books, which I review regularly. But I need to do more.

  4. I would like to be able to do video editing more quickly. I can do a lot of what I need to do now, but it takes me forever. I'd like to be able to edit video in a reasonable amount of time.

  5. I would like to understand the mathematics of graph theory. Not only would this enable me to use the terminology - 'nodes' and 'edges' - correctly, it would probably give me some insight into network designs and properties.

That's about it for my learning agenda right now (if I think of more I'll add to the list above). There is a list of things that I want to do, or to have done, but that's a separate list.

If you're wondering about my list - I don't believe in segmenting a part of my life as a learning professional. Cycling, routing - these are as important to my professional development as some sort of workplace course or training.


  1. Hi,

    I saw your post re router - my other half is a carpenter - its all a bit mad for us because we're moving but could do something early June ? (was thinking to record (video) him using phone camera; and he can explain it as if he was telling me (I don't know much/anything myself :-)
    I guess there may be better options on tv channels, there used to be a great woodworking woodshop, but if of interest please let me know - we've been talking about doing something like this for a while, record and stick them on the website or blog,once we had moved and he has some space to do stuff.

  2. I think that we as learning professionals must continually be learning. Otherwise, we are likely to forget what it feels like to learn. So I, like you, don't separate my personal and professional learning goals.

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