Top Five Albums of the 70s

Rob Wall gives me special dispensation to forgo the 80s and to insert a more appropriate decade.

In no particular order..

London Calling - The Clash (1979)

The Wall - Pink Floyd (1979)

After the Goldrush - Neil Young (1970)

Boston - Boston (1976)

Let It Be - The Beatles (1970)

I could easily have picked another 5.

Rumours - Fleetwood Mac (1977)

Quadrophenia - The Who (1973)

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen (1975)

Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf (1977)

At Budokan - Cheap Trick (1978)

What, 5 more?

2112 - Rush (1976)

Never Mind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols (1977)

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd (1973)

IV - Led Zepplin (1971)

Parallel Lines - Blondie (1978)

Kinda puts those 80s lists to shame, mhm?


  1. Don't forget the Moody Blues and Santana!!!!

  2. Can't help but notice how many of those artists are British. Pause while I show some national pride.

  3. Shame on you Stephen for missing Pretzel Logic! ;-)

  4. In no particular order, mine would be:

    Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert
    Rod Stewart - Never a Dull Moment
    Howlin' Wolf - London Sessions (the recent CD release, with additional tracks is great)
    Nazareth - Razamanaz
    Elton John - Yellow Brick Road

    But they might be different tomorrow! :-)

  5. Now,
    To add a few more
    1. David Bowie ~ The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars
    2. Lou Reed ~ Transformer
    3. Iggy and The Stooges ~ Raw Power
    4. Supertramp ~ Crime of the Century
    5. Brian Eno ~ Before and After Science

    Cheers, John


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