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Responding to Sustainability: The Inconvenient Truth About Idolizing Green Celebs. My response is being 'held for review' by Fast Company.

I fail to see the point of this post.

If it is to suggest that many Americans do not yet take global warming seriously, yes, we knew that.

This does not discredit those who are campaigning against global warming, however. Even the slightest look will show that these are the people who are car-pooling, biking, and using public transit.

A post arguing that American politicians should support public transit or make cities bicycle and pedestrian friendly would have been on point, but that was perhaps too much for the author.

Regarding the celebrities:

> I can't say I remember any celebrities talking about driving less or driving to work with their costars instead of alone.

When is the last time you actually looked at how celebrities travel? My guess is that you're just making stuff up.

Celebrities *never* travel alone. They have an entourage - they have drivers and press agents and wardrobe assistants and bodyguards and more.

Finally - even if celebrities traveled alone - this does not discredit their message. The earth is still warming, whether or not celebrities travel alone. We need to reduce carbon emissions, whether or not celebrities travel alone.

How celebrities travel is *irrelevant* to whether or not what they say is true.

Which is why I say, I fail to see the point of this post.


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