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The problem I see with 'the team' is that it subsumes the ideas and opinions of its members under some fiction, which is represented as the ideas and opinions of the whole. This fiction in fact represents the ideas and opinions of a member or subset of the team. It is held out as a condition for being a member of the team; affection, affiliation, acknowledgment and recognition, exchange of ideas and personal self-worth are granted to putative members only on the condition that they declare their allegiance to these ideas and opinions, whatever their own state of mind.


  1. Yay! This is exactly what I've been unable to put my finger on. I've been reading the Six Thinking Hats again to see whether parallel thinking really provides an alternative to the 'argument' method of a team, where, as you say, the will of one or a few is meant to be better than any other suggestion or expertise. Any thoughts there?


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