In Case You Are Wondering...

No, I have not disappeared and is not down for the count.


The CSoft server crashed within a couple hours of going live with and has now crashed three times in less than 24 hours (it is currently crashed). And I wasn't even harvesting or sending email!

I have removed all the scripts and replaced them with simply print commands saying that the script is not currently active. The server still crashed. There is no reason for this; I think that it simply is unable to handle the traffic.

It is as usual very difficult to get more than a terse two or three word reply from the CSoft administrators (I really don't understand their reluctance to communicate with me).

So right now, I am again waiting for a response from CSoft. I am also scouting around for a new web host - I am beginning to think that I need a colocation service, that is, a dedicated web server.

Any advice would be welcome...


  1. Would it perhaps fit in with your needs and aspirations to set up a virtual Internet Service Provider? By this I mean that you would own a physical computer plugged into a rack with the necessary high bandwidth at some local commercial premises, preferably in a location where you can actually drop in talk to the people there if need be. Then you could offer your own unique hosting services to people around the world.

  2. I've had nothing but good experiences with for colocation.

  3. That is odd. But they will no doubt respond.

    Before you start assuming that your Perl code has too much traffic, you might want to look for "hot spots": particularly expensive pieces of code getting called often. This can be done by typing "top" or a variant of "top" in the command line, and then querying various pages on your site to see what is taking down the server.

    Also, you might want to check the www logs to see what all the hits are coming from.

    I'm not saying you do not have too much traffic, but I'd be impressed if you had too much traffic for csoft. What seems more likely is that you have some rogue code in there. It is easy to let some inefficient code creep in.

  4. I don't completely understand what you are looking for, but I can say I've had excellent service from BlueHost ( They are continually improving their services, adding more space, speed, options without raising the cost. Their customer service is 24/7-- great for those of us on the other side of the planet or who usually run into tech difficulties at 2 am.

    Good luck for a quick resolution.

  5. That is odd. But they will no doubt respond.

    Still waiting...


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