PLE Diagram

Another attempt - this time using Gliffy - to illustrate my own thinking about what a PLE should entail.

I created a demo of a part of this concept ages ago, here - it is never listed as among the "examples of PLEs" but is in fact a first draft of what I think a PLE should look like (I promise to lose the yellow, though). It doesn't really work in Internet Explorer, but it works just fine in Firefox.


  1. where's the diagram please Stephen?

  2. Steve

    Do you actually have manage to build something like that? I am trying to find a way to do that myself and it is not that easy...


  3. It's not easy, I agree. The system I use to produce does a lot of that. I am also developing a more complex system to do everything. See

  4. I want to develop a ple to support lifelong learning as my PhD project under supervision of Prof.Wim veen in TuDelft. Do you think is it possible to implement a ple like yours alone? or a team is need to do it?


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