Free State Braii

Originally uploaded by Stephen Downes.
Out in the country, a bonfire, food as good as you'll ever see, great conversation, and a little beer (oh year, and a vodka fountain), and you have a Free State Braii.

Update (Septmber 12): I am advised that the spelling is 'Braai'. D'oh!


  1. Hi Stephen
    Me and my colleagues from Vaal University of Technology met you at the conference in Bloem and were very much impressed with all that we've learned from you. We are very excited about skyping/blogging/podcasting/flickr'ing/etc. We had a report-back this afternoon to the rest of the staff (and believe it or not .... YES!! the skype did not work!!). We tested it like 2 minutes before going on-line, but ...
    Thought I'd just say Hi. We'll keep in touch with you. We've registered on Skype, busy creating blogs, etc. - will hear again from us all soon.
    Warmest regards
    Kotie Venter


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