Magdalene Islands

Photo montage of the Magdalene Islands, taken during my hiatus of March, 2006, set to music. I created it the last couple of days I was on the island but haven't been able to share it. As an experiment, I uploaded this 750 megabyte file to Google Video to see how easily I could share it. It turns out, pretty easily. You can also see a larger version of the video on the Google site itself. Enjoy.


  1. That's really neat. It's amazing how much the music and a little motion (slow pans and zooming effects) add to the impact. What a great keepsake from a trip. What tools did you use to create it?

  2. thanks for sharing the video and the experience at Google video, made me cry..thanks, again.

  3. hi...RYFKM?? Quelle suprise how lovely your country is? Incroiable!


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