Lets ask for peace in the Middle East!

Lets ask for peace in the Middle East!

Jocavc writes: "Its enough of war! Nobody understands that everlasting conflict! Lets all ask for peace!EDIT: I do not live in Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine or even in the USA! I am NEUTRAL! Just want peace. Dont perpetuate those conflicts!EDIT II - Send me a video response (or a pic) asking for peace or supporting peace and i will publish it!Just for fun you can also write the word "peace" in a part of your body and send it to me, i will publish those as well. No "erotic" or PORN stuff..."

Author: jocavc

This is my first test post using Flock. Seems like a good one.


  1. Check out http://mazenkerblog.blogspot.com/atom.xml

    And I love Flock, especially the Flickr, Web Snippits and Blogging tools!


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