Missing the Point

Re: Missing the Point

As was stated in my newsletter yesterday, a good reason to live blog is to interact with the material as it is being presented. It is well known that learning actively is more effective than merely listening passively. Live blogging helps you learn more effectively.

Also, when you blog a talk, you are responding to the speaker. As a speaker, I always read the blogged version after the talk. It helps me understand how I have been heard and to prevent mistakes and misunderstandings when I talk in the future.

The worst thing you can do is sit there in silence. Interaction helps you understand and to convey your understanding. Far from being rude, responding to the speaker is probably the most polite thing you can do. Indeed, if anything is rude, it is to listen to someone speak and to not respond at all.


  1. Great explanation - helps me understand why I liked live blogging so much more than I expected to.


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