Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy NB Moncton

The Moncton demonstration will most probably be small, but I will be there, and hope many others will be, as we do our small part in the global 'occupy' protests October 15th.

I just saw in +Daniel Lemire this link to a Bloomburg post about how Google shifts its profits to Bermuda in order to avoid paying taxes. More here This is just the sort of thing that we have to put a stop to.

Let me be clear. I have no objection to people or companies making money. But it is not right for them to earn so much money they distort the democratic process, and it is not right that their profits come at the expense of education, health care, housing and food for the world's population.

Some Occupy NB resources:

CURRENT OFFICIAL LOCATIONS MONCTON: 655 Main Street (City Hall), October 15th 12:00pm Link: SAINT JOHN: In front of City Hall & Board Walk, October 15th 9:00am Link: FREDERICTON: 397 Queen Street, (City Hall), October 15th 12:00pm Link: *** Remember that the times and locations may change!

Occupy NB Facebook page:
Facebook event page:

Times and Transcript article announcing the event for Moncton City Hall at noon:

CBC article, same time and date:

Someone has set up an OccupyNB Twitter feed!/OccupyNB but unlike David W. Campbell I would not regard it as in any way authoritative - the protest in NB is not about shale gas.

Purple Violet Press, another anti-fracking interpretation of the protest. Really, folks, it's not about anti-fracking.

The New Brunswicker speaks with Jared McRae about Occupy Fredericton 100 2942

Charles Leblanc interviews an OccupyNB person: Occupy New Brunswick is confronted by the Blogger

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