Thursday, February 19, 2009

Template for OER Success Stories


* Participants: A note about the learners and educators involved. Who provided the solution, for whom?

* Context: A note about the context, e.g. socio-economic conditions, geographical region, rural vs. urban, available internet access, ...

* Solution: Please give details of the solution here.

* Key Barriers: Please give some of the key barriers to access addressed by this solution. (Ideally referring back to our list of access issues.)

o Access in terms of awareness. (Lack of awareness is a barrier to OER.)

o Access in terms of local policy / attitude. (Do attitudes or policies pose barriers to using OER?)

o Access in terms of languages. (How well does the user speak the language of the OER?)

o Access in terms of relevance? (Is the OER relevant to the user?)

o Access in terms of licensing. (Is the licensing suitable / CC?)

o Access in terms of file formats. (Are the file formats accessible?) Access in terms of disability.

o Access in terms of infrastructure (Lack of power/computers makes access hard.)

o Access in terms of discovery. (If the OER is hidden, not searchable, not indexed, it's hard to find.)

o Access in terms of ability and skills. (Does the end user have the right skills to access?)

* Scalability: Please comment on how your solution might "scale".

* Questions: What questions should we be asking about this solution that will add to our understanding of enabling access to knowledge and learning resources?

* Implications and adoption: What are the implications of this solution for OER and enabling access to knowledge and learning?

* Links: If there are any web links to initiatives or projects, please include them!


  1. what is the source for this? Is it yours? Has it been used in workshops/with existing OER producers?

  2. I adapted it from email messages made by the moderator of the UNESCO OER discussion, and used it to create my own submission to the list.


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